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12-Year-Old Boy Cares For Foal In Need Of Life-Saving Surgery

by ihearthorses

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Barbara is a 3-month-old straight Egyptian Arabian foal with a rare congenital condition known as a wry nose. Due to the deformity, her muzzle is pulled to the side and her left nostril is pinched nearly closed. Despite her life-threatening affliction, Barbara’s owner, Martha Talley refused to put her down just because she is different. With the help of a very special 12-year-old boy, she is caring for the foal 24/7 and raising funds for her $10,000 surgery.

Barbara has trouble breathing and eating. During her short life she has already aspirated and suffered a severe case of pneumonia, but she cannot undergo the surgery until she reaches 6 months of age and is weaned. From now until June, Barbara will require constant care and attention. Luckily Talley has a great helper!

Young Shane Bookbinder – an aspiring cowboy – bonded with Barbara the moment he met her. He assists Talley with training, mixing Barbara’s milk, and generally keeping the foal company. Shane told KXAN News:

“She’s a good friend, not just a good horse. There’s more things right about her than there is wrong. She’s just super nice and she’s never tried to bite or anything.”

What a wonderful little boy! The GoFundMe page created to raise funds for Barbara’s surgery, travel expenses to the veterinary facility in Tennessee, and ongoing care, has taken in nearly $26,000 at the time of this posting!

Looks like this sweet foal has more than just Talley and Shane on her side! With so many caring people rooting for her, Barbara is sure to have the healthy, happy life she deserves!

H/T and Featured Image via KXAN News

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