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20 Pictures Of Horses Hanging Out With Dogs And Cats

by ihearthorses

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There’s something fascinating about watching horses interact with one another. Whether they are galloping through the pasture or grazing in the shade, we could stare at horses playing with one another for hours. But have you ever watched horses interact with other animals around the farm? Two of our favorite unlikely friendship combinations are horses and dogs and horses and cats. We decided to round up a bunch of pictures of horses hanging out with dogs and cats to make you smile. Enjoy! 

Let’s get things started with two mini horses playing with a cat. Notice how relaxed the feline looks and how curious the mini on the right is. It almost looks as if they’re talking to each other!

two mini horses with a catSometimes there’s nothing like a cool dip in a peaceful creek. Take a look at these three getting their paws and hooves wet together. 

horse and dogs drinking in a river

Sometimes horses are more curious than canines! Just look at this nosey equine below…

A horse and a bassethound dog outdoors

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Dog and horse in the winter on the nature

According to an ABC News article from April 18, 2020, dogs and horses mimic one another when they play together.

This is based on a study in which they examined hundreds of YouTube videos of dogs and horses. The article states that the scientists observed some similarities in the two animals’ playing habits. For example, both dogs and horses seemed to display relaxed, open mouths when look ing one another. This is a facial expression that is often associated with playfulness in animals. 

4 horses looking at a dog.Appaloosa horse portrait in summer with puppy border collie

According to CattitudeDaily.com, in their article 5 Reasons Why Cats And Horses Make Purrfect Friends, horses and cats aren’t all that different despite their size and temperament.

One similarity is that they are both highly sensitive creatures. They are often driven by fear, and things like loud sounds and sudden movements can have a significant effect on both animals.

Farm cat exploring the outside fields with the horses

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed from looking at pictures of horses and cats it’s that cats seem to enjoy their time spent on horseback, at least when the horse isn’t moving. Look at how peaceful these two cats seem on top of their big fluffly four-legged friend. 

Diese Katze sitzt bequem! Little cute kitten kitty cat pet animal on horse horseback.Now this one just might be our absolute favorite. I mean, come on, it’s a foal and a puppy! Just look at these two!

First meeting Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog and beautiful American miniature cream foal. Foal is one month of birth. Concept about communicating of different animals.

Even dogs are able to touch a horse’s back without any issues. At least, in this picture, the horse certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

Red border collie dog and horse are friends at sunset in summer

Just look at the smiles on these two silly friends below! Aren’t horses and cats just the most entertaining pair? 

At a ranch, a cat and a horse are friends and are nuzzling each other at the top of a wooden fence.

Okay, now back to some more dogs. We think it’s pretty clear from the pictures below that horses and dogs make for wonderful photographs. We could just stare at these all day!

Dog and horse having a great time outdoors on grass during summer time. dog and horse posing together Palomino American Miniature horse standing next to Mastiff dog.

Okay, so maybe this horse isn’t exactly interacting with the cat below. Or, who knows, maybe they’re ignoring the cat. Either way, we can’t get enough of this curious little cat and how they look at the horse. Just look at that size difference!

Two, white and brown horses resting on the meadow. Ginger cat creeps up to them.

We just love watching horses and dogs run! And when they’re running side by side, it’s even better. Who do you think would win in a race? A horse or a dog?

Red horse and dog play in the meadow

Sometimes dogs and horses even like to run together in the snow!

dog and horse running in the snow

This picture shows two horses running alongside a canine friend. I wonder who started running first!

running Arabian horses and dog, Shagya arab, white horses

Another animal that can be friendly to horses is the goat. Take a look at our popular article 4 Reasons Every Horse Farm Needs A Goat for more information about how horses and goats can get along.

animals in a pickup truck investigating a horse

Which of these pictures of dogs, cats and horses was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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