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24 Friesian Horse Pictures You’ll Love

by ihearthorses

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There’s so much to love about the Friesian horse. From their long flowing manes to their shiny coats, we just can’t get over how beautiful these horses look, especially when they are in motion. We previously published an article with some of the cool facts about this unique horse breed, but sometimes the best part of the article is all the amazing pictures. So, we decided to put together some of our favorite pictures of Friesian horses for you to “ooh” and “ahh” over. Enjoy!

Friesian stallion prancing on pasturage

Have you ever taken a close look at a Friesian’s face? While these horses often look so powerful when they run, they can have such kind eyes. Just look at the beauty below.


There’s just something about that dark coat color, paired with the dark mane and tail, that make these horses seem so majestic. 

Nice Friesian stallion running

Shiny Stallion

There’s nothing quite like a Friesian with a shiny coat. The way the sun reflects off these beautiful animals can be quite an amazing sight. 

Black friesian mare running

Beautiful friesian stallion running in meadow

Black friesian stallion running

Of course, one of our favorite things about the Friesian horse is their manes. Check out the long flowing locks on this beauty below.


And when that mane is blowing gracefully in the wind, it’s even better!

Portrait of moving friesian stallion

Young friesian horse head closeup

These beauties have better hair than I do!Portrait beauty friesian horse

Friesian horses also tend to look stunning when they are in motion. Take a look at the equine below and notice how majestic the mane and tail look blowing in the wind.Friesian black horse with long mane in summer meadow backgroundFriesian black stallion gallops on the hill at sunset.

friesian stallion

We could stare at pictures of Friesians in motion for hours. Below are a few images of these majestic horses moving with grace and style. equine running. Friesian black horse runs gallop.

mare running in Autumn

Black friesian stallion running

mare running

While they do look stunning at full speed, these horses can also look quite majestic moving at a more leisurely pace like in the picture below.

Nice Friesian stallion running

Briskly galloping black friesian stallion


stallion prancing on pasturage in summer

Briskly galloping stallionFriesian Mare Headshot on pasture

And, of course, this photo roundup wouldn’t be complete without a Friesian shaking water off his mane.

friesian horse

Have you ever met a Friesian horse in person? Tell us about the experience in the comments below!

24 Gorgeous Friesian Horse Photos

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