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4 Great Ways to Market Your Horse for Sale

by ihearthorses

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When you’re trying to sell a horse, you need to reach an audience who is looking for the type of horse that you have. Good marketing can improve the reach of your ads, increasing the chances that you’ll sell your horse quickly and that you’ll get a good price for him. Stumped on just how to market your horse? Here are four creative marketing approaches you can take.

Write an Awesome Ad


Getting a bit creative with your horse’s “for sale” ad can help to improve your reach and can ensure that the ad sticks in people’s minds. The more unique your ad is, the greater the chance that it will be noticed. Remember, there are tons of ads out there for other horses for sale; yours needs to grab a potential buyer’s attention.

When you write your ad, try to find a unique approach. Consider writing the ad from your horse’s point of view, in your horse’s “voice.” You an also focus on your horse’s characteristics and the features which make him unique and lovable. Just make sure to also include the standard information that buyers will want to know, like your horse’s age, height, temperament, and more.

Create a Great Video


Most buyers will want to see video footage of your horse. Take the time to make a really great, memorable video. It’s often worth the investment to hire a professional to take and edit video footage of your horse. While you’ll want to include footage of your horse under saddle doing what he does best, a video can also be a chance to show buyers how special your horse is. Including brief footage of your horse playing with his pasture buddy or pulling a sleigh through the snow can help buyers to envision their lives with your horse.

Turn to Social Media

Image source: Nikki via Flickr.com

Image source: Nikki via Flickr.com


There are many online horse classifieds sites today, but it’s important to not overlook the power of social media. Post your horse for sale in regional groups focusing on horses. And don’t forget to post the horse to your own page, too. Ask friends to share the post with their networks, increasing the number of people who see information on your horse. You’d be surprised at how much interest you can garner on social media.



Finally, remember to network. Tell everyone you know about your horse and what you’re looking for in his new home. Mention this information to your vet, farrier, friends, trainer, and anyone else you know in the horse industry. You might just find the perfect buyer for your horse through an existing connection.

Selling a horse can take some time, but if you do a great job of marketing your horse, you may be able to find a good buyer soon.


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