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5 Signs That A Horse Might Be Too Much For You

by ihearthorses

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Have you ever wondered if you were riding a horse that was really just too much for you? Riding a horse that you’re not really suited for can be an unpleasant experience, and if allowed to go on too long, it can really shake your confidence and possibly lead to injury. Here are 5 signs to watch out for that might indicate that a horse is too much for you.

Woman riding horse bareback

1. You’re Scared During Every Ride

A healthy dose of fear every now and then can help to keep you safe while riding, but you shouldn’t be scared every time that you mount up. If you find that you’re scared during every ride, then think about what is causing that fear. Are you uncomfortable with the horse that you’re riding? It may be worth it to try riding a dependable mount a few times to see if that fear goes away.

2. You Don’t Look Forward to Riding Like You Always Did

One common sign that a horse may be too much for you is that you no longer look forward to riding. Riding a horse that is too much for you makes riding a stressful challenge, so it’s no wonder that you don’t look forward to the activity like you once did.

Teenage girl riding a running horse

3. You Fall Off. A Lot.

If a horse is too much for you, there’s a good chance that you will fall off, and that you will fall off frequently. Everyone falls off now and then, but if you’re falling off repeatedly within short time periods, this can indicate that something is wrong. Consider working with a trainer to see if this problem can be solved.

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4. You Feel Out of Control

If you ride long enough, you’ll almost always have an experience where you feel out of control. But if you’re riding a horse which is too much for you, you will probably feel out of control much more often. That feeling of being out of control may come from the fact that you don’t yet have the training to handle a horse with the temperament or behavior of your current mount. That feeling is also an indication that you’re probably not safe while you’re riding.

Woman riding horse through field.

5. You’re Not Sure How to Handle the Horse’s Behavior

A horse who is too much for you may behave inappropriately. If you’re not sure how to handle that behavior, then it’s time to bring in a talented trainer to help you, or to move on to working with a different horse who is more appropriate for your skill and comfort levels.A long cowboy rides his horse in Utah, USA

5 Signs That A Horse Might Be Too Much For You

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