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5 Ways To Make Your Tall Boots Last

by ihearthorses

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Is there anything better than a pair of great-fitting tall boots? They’re elegant, beautiful, and even comfortable to wear once you’ve broken them in. Tall boots are also expensive, so you’ll want to make your boots last. Here are 5 ways that you can make your tall boots last as long as possible.

Wear Your Boots Sparingly

Image Source: Sara J. Via Flickr

Image Source: Sara J. Via Flickr


When you have a great pair of tall boots, only wear them when you need them for riding. Unless you absolutely have to be in your boots, change out of them if you’re going to do barn chores or activities other than riding.

Protect Your Boots From the Weather


When wearing your boots in inclement weather, be sure that you protect them from the rain, snow, and mud. Buy some covers that you can pull over your boots to keep them clean and dry.

Clean Your Boots Regularly


Cleaning your boots regularly goes a long way in preserving their life. Cleaning and conditioning your boots helps to keep the leather supple while preventing cracking. If dirt or mud builds up on your boots, it can rub, damaging and wearing the leather.

When cleaning your boots, use a quality leather cleaner and a soft cloth. Only clean your boots when they’re dry – if you get your boots wet, let them dry out naturally before you clean them.

After cleaning your boots, follow up with a conditioner and then buff them until they shine.

Always Use Boot Shapers


When you’re not wearing your boots, a good pair of boot shapers will help to keep them from folding and collapsing. You can get boot shapers at any tack store, but if you find yourself without them, cutting up a pool noodle can work in a pinch. No pool noodle? Stuff your boots with plastic bags so that they’re supported.

When storing your boots, keep them protected in a boot bag so they don’t get dirty or scuffed. Hang the bag so that your boots don’t get smushed in your closet.

Make Repairs Promptly


If your boots get damaged, a cobbler can often repair them for you so that they’re usable again. However, don’t wait and keep wearing the damaged boots. The sooner you have them repaired, the better the outcome will be.

When you do have to buy your next pair of boots, invest in quality. Quality boots are likely to last longer and you’ll probably be happier with their fit and performance.

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