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5 Ways To Raise Money For A Horse Rescue

by ihearthorses

Horse rescues are often faced with more horses in need than they have the space and resources for. One of the best ways that you can help horse rescues out is to donate money, since the rescues can apply it to feed, supplies, vet bills, and any other expenses they may need to cover.

Want to give more than you can donate? Consider raising money for a horse rescue. It’s best to work with the rescue, tell them that you would like to help fundraise, and ask them how they’d like you to go about doing this. Here are some potential ways that you can raise money for a horse rescue.

Hold a Bake Sale

Image Source: tannaz via Flickr

Image Source: tannaz via Flickr

Bake sales continue to be effective fundraising methods. With the rescue’s permission, schedule a bake sale at a local spot – some grocery stores or big box stores allow nonprofits to hold bake sales outside their stores. Get some of your horse friends together, have everyone bake an item, and make sure to set out a donation jar so that buyers can also donate additional money.

Offer to Clean Tack

Image Source: Constanza via Flickr

Image Source: Constanza via Flickr

Consider offering to clean tack in exchange for a small donation to the rescue. If you have lots of barns located nearby, this effort can pay off. Be sure to advertise your services and mention that the proceeds all go to the rescue.

Offer Up Your Photography Skills

Image Source: psyberartist via Flickr

Image Source: psyberartist via Flickr

Are you a skilled photographer? If so, advertise a special “shoot rate” which is discounted when clients make a donation to your local rescue. Alternatively, you can choose to donate a certain percentage of your photography fees to the rescue during a particular period of time.

Write Grants

If you have great attention to detail and some writing skills, you can help a rescue by offering to draft up grant applications. Grant writing takes lots of time, but a well written grant application can bring in valuable funds. It takes a little time to get the hang of the process, but many rescues will be grateful for any help that you can provide.

Table at a Local Business

Get permission to table outside a local business, like your local feed store. Create a poster with photos of adoptable horses, and have pamphlets of information about the rescue. Set up a donation jar, and let people know about other ways that they can help the rescue, like volunteering.

There are many ways that you can make a difference for your local horse rescue; just make sure that you clear any efforts with the rescue first.


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