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6 Tips To Help You Find A Child-Safe Pony

by ihearthorses

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Child-safe ponies are worth their weight in gold. These are the ponies that can be trusted to do their best to keep the child on their backs safe. A child-safe pony is essential for any child who is beginning to learn to ride. These tips can help you to find a child-safe pony.

Define Child-Safe

Image Source: Dark Dwarf via Flickr

Image Source: Dark Dwarf via Flickr

Before you go pony shopping, define what “child-safe” means to you. Everyone has a different interpretation of what makes a child-safe pony, so being able to specify those characteristics that are important to you can help you find a pony that’s a match. Make a list of characteristics you want to see, such as a pony that doesn’t spook, kick, or rear.

Enlist Your Trainer’s Help

If your child is already taking riding lessons, then it’s best to enlist your trainer’s help to find a child-safe pony. Trainers have connections within the horse industry and often know backstories to local ponies. They can help you to identify appropriate ponies and to avoid the ponies that aren’t right for your child’s needs.


Image Source: Sids1 via Flickr

Image Source: Sids1 via Flickr

Let everyone know that you’re looking for a pony. Tell your friends, your vet, and your farrier, and ask them to contact you if they hear of a child-safe pony which is put up for sale. The horse world is a small place, and you’d be surprised at how well networking can work in finding a new pony.

Keep an Eye on Lesson Programs

Often, when a pony ages, a lesson program may start to look for a home for him. Some ponies need a break from the rigorous lesson schedule, and others do well simply having a single regular rider. You may want to contact local lesson programs to see if they have any school ponies for sale which would be child-safe.

Contact Horse Camps at the End of the Summer

Sometimes horse camps have child-safe ponies that they put up for sale at the end of the camp season. These ponies are generally safe and dependable, especially if the camp allows younger riders. Many camps don’t want the expense of caring for the ponies throughout the winter, so they may sell off or lease out some of their horses and ponies.

Be Prepared to Pay

Image Source: Greg Tee via Flickr

Image Source: Greg Tee via Flickr

Truly child-safe ponies can go for higher prices than you might expect. The greater your budget, the greater your chances of finding a child-safe pony.

Finding a pony perfect for your child may take a bit of time, but with some patience you’re sure to find the right match.

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