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6 Tips To Take Better Photos Of Your Horse

by ihearthorses

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Is your horse photography lacking a bit? It really doesn’t have to be so hard to get a good shot each and every time if you take the right steps. Here are 6 ways that you can start taking better photos of your horse today.

1. Pay Attention to the Light

You can’t get great photos without having great light. Start paying attention to the strength of the light and its direction when you’re taking photos of your horse. Shooting directly into the light will result in lens flares which will detract from or sometimes ruin your pictures. Instead, make sure to position yourself so that you are shooting with the sun at your back.

horse picture tips

2. Shoot From Different Angles

The angle that you photograph a horse from can transform how the horse looks in your photo. As a general rule of thumb, try to shoot your horse with your camera being at an even level with your horse’s midsection. Depending on where your horse is, this may mean that you need to bend down a little. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles, too.

horse picture tips in field

3. Pay Attention to Your Backgrounds

Before you start photographing a horse, take a look around. What is in the background? A busy background can detract from your photo, so try to position your horse against an attractive background, like a barn or a field.

Two Camargue horses standing behind a fence and posing for a photograph. Vegetation is in the foreground. Shallow depth of field.

4. Avoid Head-On Shots

Try to avoid photographing your horse from a head-on position. Head-on shots make a horse’s head and neck appear larger than they are, creating a distorted appearance. Many horse owners find head-on shots unflattering, so unless you’re looking for a comedic result, try shooting from a different angle.

man taking photographs of the horse farm animal

5. Groom Your Horse First

Sometimes, getting a great photo requires a little preparation. Take some time to thoroughly groom your horse so that his coat is clean and shiny. If your horse is wearing a halter, replacing a nylon halter with a leather halter can make a big difference in the resulting photos. If you will be photographing a horse who is being ridden, make sure that he is wearing clean tack and that the rider is dressed in clean, stylish clothing.

The man takes pictures of horses on the meadow, spring time

6. Look for Flattering Moments

Being able to see the flattering moments in your horse’s movement will help you to get great photos. Think about the various poses that your horse makes – which ones are most flattering? Generally, you want to take photos when your horse has his ears up and forward, and has an alert look in his eye.

While the walk and trot gaits are flattering at any stage, photographing the canter or gallop is more of a challenge. If the horse is cantering or galloping, try to shoot while he’s in the air. Capturing the horse while a single front foot is on the ground makes it look like the horse is falling, even if he isn’t. With some work, you can greatly improve the quality of your horse photos.

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