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6 Ways To Keep Riding In College

by ihearthorses

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Are you concerned about being able to ride while in college? College means a major lifestyle change, and many people stop riding during their time at college. That doesn’t have to be the case, though – here are six great ways that you can keep riding in college.

Join the Riding Team

If your college has a riding team, then joining the team will ensure that you spend plenty of time in the saddle. Members of college riding teams often have at least one lesson each week, and get to compete in a number of shows each year. The disadvantage is that riding teams can be expensive, and you do need to commit a lot of time to the team, especially if your college’s team travels great distances to horse shows.

Take Riding Lessons

You can continue taking riding lessons while you’re in college. Look for a local barn which offers lessons, and take lessons as often as your schedule and finances allow. If you’re worried about the cost of lessons, then look for a barn where you may be able to work off part of the cost of your lessons.

Lease a Horse

Image source: Dana via Flickr

Image source: Dana via Flickr

Do you want to ride more often than once a week during a lesson? Then you might think about partial-leasing a horse while you’re in college. A partial lease can give you plenty of riding time without putting too much of a strain on your schedule – remember, you need time to study and attend classes, too!


If finances restrict your ability to lease or take lessons, then look for an opportunity to volunteer in a horse-related venue. A local therapeutic riding program or rescue may be looking for volunteers. In some cases, you may get to ride.


In some cases, you may be able to find a barn which is willing to allow you to work in exchange for riding time. You may need to take some lessons at the barn first, in order to prove your riding talents. Make sure that you’re familiar with your college schedule first so that you can find a position with hours that will work for you.

Bring Your Horse

If you’re lucky enough to have a horse already, then you might consider bringing the horse to college with you. Some colleges have barns and offer boarding for students’ horses as long as you’re on the riding team. If your college doesn’t have a barn available, then look for a local barn where you can board your horse.

It’s great to keep riding in college – just make sure that you have enough time left over for your classes, studying, and other college commitments.

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