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6 Ways To Stay Cool During Horse Shows

by ihearthorses

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Summer means horse shows, but it also means warm temperatures and hot sun. Horse shows and the heat don’t always go together too well, so be sure to check out these six ways that you can stay cool during horse shows.

Park in the Shade

Try to get to the show early so that you can carefully choose your parking space. Look for a space where you can park in the shade to keep the trailer cool and so that you can get ready out of the sun. If you can’t park your horse trailer in the shade, then don’t stand next to it or tie your horse to it – the metal of your trailer will reflect the sun, making the area hot.

Drink Plenty of Water

Remember to stay hydrated during your show day. Pack plenty of water in a cooler and stop to take a drink regularly. Be sure that you drink before you head into the show ring, and then make yourself drink again after you come out of the ring. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, take a drink – it will help to lower your body temperature and will keep you from getting dehydrated.

Keep Your Neck Cool

Keeping your neck area cool can help to keep the rest of your body feeling cool, too. You can buy cooling collars which are soaked in ice water for this purpose, but at a horse show it may be easier to soak a washcloth and hold it around your neck in between your classes.

Put On Your Jacket at the Last Moment

If the show requires that you wear a long sleeved jacket or show shirt, then wait until the last moment before you head into the ring to put on your jacket or show shirt. In some English classes you may be able to wear a dickie and a tank top, eliminating some of the extra heat that a full shirt will add on.

Choose a Helmet With Ventilation

When you’re shopping for a show helmet, remember that many of your shows will be held on hot days. Look for a helmet which offers plenty of ventilation to help keep your head cool while you’re in the saddle.

Wear Light Colors

While you might not be able to control the colors of your show outfit, bring a change of clothes to wear when you’re waiting for your ride time or are cleaning up afterwards. Opt for lightweight clothes which are light colors – they’ll absorb less sun than darker colors will, keeping you cooler.

Best of luck at your horse shows this year!

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