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Horseback Riding Tips: 7 Steps To Become A Better Rider

by ihearthorses

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 For anyone that is passionate about something, you are always looking for ways to better your skill set. And for horseback riders, there are tips and tricks you can always learn to get better. Do you wish that you could improve your skills as a horseback rider? There are lots of ways to improve – here are seven ways to become a better horseback rider.

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1. Find a Great Trainer

It’s important that you work with a great trainer to help develop you into a better rider. Find a qualified trainer whose approach and experience you trust and respect.

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2. Invest Time in Training

Once you’ve found a great trainer, it’s important that you invest time in your training. In addition to taking regular lessons, you will need to find time to ride on a regular basis – multiple times a week, at least – in order to see real improvement.

3. Get Fit

Riders are athletes, but often we don’t treat ourselves as athletes. Making an effort to improve your own physical fitness can pay off big time in the saddle. When you’re fit, you’re a more effective rider, and you have a better chance of staying in the saddle during unexpected spooks or bucks.

Portrait of beautiful female horseback rider with bay horse in a field at sunset

4. Read and Watch Everything

There is so much to learn about riding – you’ll never stop learning in this sport. When you’re not in the saddle, focus on reading training materials published by riders and trainers you respect. It’s also helpful to watch other riders as much as possible. Watch competition videos, lessons, and riding footage so that you can observe techniques that you want to apply in your own riding.

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5. Ride Many Different Horses

A great rider can ride a variety of different horses. Make a point of getting on a different horse once every week or so. The more horses that you can ride, the more you will learn and the better a rider you will become.

Cat follows Horseback Rider on Country Road in Summer Time

6. Attend Clinics

Clinics are great opportunities to learn about riding from some of the best trainers and riders around. Try to attend as many clinics as you can. Even if you can’t ride in the clinics, attending as an auditor still gives you a chance to observe the clinic and listen to the trainer’s advice. Make sure that you bring along a notebook so that you can write down techniques to try at home.

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7. Try New Disciplines

Trying out a new riding discipline can help to improve your overall skills as a rider. You may learn different techniques and have eye-opening experiences when trying out a different discipline, and this multi-discipline approach can make you a more comprehensive rider.

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