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8 Signs You’re Still A Horse Crazy Adult

by ihearthorses

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Sure, you might have grown up horse crazy as a kid, but maybe that horse craziness never went away. Here are 8 surefire signs that you’re still horse crazy as an adult.

Young man in cowboy hat petting his horse.

1. You Spend Most of Your Free Time at a Barn

Parties? Concerts? Nope. You’d rather be at the barn. If you’re a horse crazy adult, chances are you spend a good amount of your free time at the barn, at horse shows, or out on the trails.

Close up of a horse and rider at the stables

2. Your Office Is Decorated With Photos of Your Horse

Sure, there are some shots of your friends and family, but we bet that you’ve got at least one photo of your horse decorating your office at work.

3. Your Car Still Smells Like the Barn

Bits of hay, extra riding gloves, and loads of dirt decorate your car. And that horse smell? It’s permanently ingrained in the seats, the floor mats, and the car itself. Of course, you don’t even notice it – but your family and friends sure do!

Woman with prize horse

4. Your Mailbox Is Full of Horse Catalogs

Your mail is a surefire indicator of the fact that you’re a horse crazy adult. Not only does it contain the horse magazines that you subscribe to, but it’s also chock full of horse catalogs. Even though you never request the catalogs, they seem to follow you from address to address, like magic.

Young woman on horse ranch

5. Your Browser History Is Chock Full of Horse Sites

IHeartHorses.com, ChronicleoftheHorse.com, Equus.com…. your web browser is full of these sites. A quick glance through will show that you spend most of your internet time looking at horse-related content, and not much else.

A senior man holding a horse by his lead on a pasture.

6. You Spend More On Your Horse’s Shoes Than You Do On Your Own

Shelling out $150 or $200 every 6 weeks for your horse’s shoes? No problem. But your closet is full of bargain shoe finds. You have to be able to afford your horse’s shoes, after all.

Happy young person cowgirl riding horse on ranch

7. You Still Thrill at the Sight of Horses

It doesn’t matter if you own one horse or a dozen – the sight of any horse can still excite you in the same way that it did when you were a kid. Horses in pastures that you spot out the car window, horse decorations in store windows – you eat it all up.

Woman with a horse

8. Your Best Hours are Spent with Horses

When you think about the times when you’re the happiest, they all have a common denominator – horses are generally present in them.

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