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American Pharoah’s Foal Is Due Any Day, And You Can Watch It Happen Live!

by Amber King

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At a racetrack in 2015, American Pharaoh became a legend. His win at the Belmont Stakes made him only the 12th horse in history to win the Triple Crown. Not only that, his historic run also ended a 37-year drought making him the first Triple Crown winner since 1978.

It was an amazing feat, and he’s now one of the most well-known racehorses in history. His racing days are behind him, but now he’s in the news for a whole new reason. He’s about to be a father—again—and the world gets the chance to watch.

April the Giraffe earned her fame when over a million people tuned in for her oddly entertaining live streamed birth, and now we get to do the same thing but with racehorses. Walnut Green Farm in Pennsylvania is anxiously awaiting the birth of an American Pharaoh offspring, and they set up cameras to make sure no one misses this potentially historic event.

The mother, a mare named High Quail, is due to give birth any day. Her official due date is March 16, but a 24/7 live stream has already been set up. It’s been deemed the “PA Foal Watch” and the owner of the farm where it’s all happening, Mark Reid, can’t contain his excitement over the future new addition. He said,

“To say that everyone here is excited about the birth would be an understatement. This is our way of sharing the excitement with the rest of the world.”

There were even talks of hosting a baby shower and creative gender reveal in honor of American Pharaoh’s progeny. No details on those events have been released as of yet, but we can hope.

While the idea of setting up a webcam to watch a birth isn’t new, it wasn’t an easy task for the team at Walnut Green Farm. The farm had no existing internet, so the entire system had to be put together from scratch. Reid worked in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Association, and now there are enough cameras that no one should miss a second of the big event.

There’s no predicting whether or not American Pharaoh’s newest foal will go on to be another racing legend, but Reid and the rest of the team at Walnut Green Farm are hopeful for big things. The 100-acre horse farm is already known for producing championship-caliber horses, including Plum Pretty who went on to win the 2011 Kentucky Oaks.

High Quail has her own heritage of talented racehorses, and her foal with American Pharaoh could very well be a future Triple Crown winner.

Watch the livestream here!

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