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Horse Plays Dead Anytime Someone Tries To Ride Him

by Modi Ramos

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Life is hard, and sometimes we just don’t feel like doing as we’ve been told to do. Jingang is a horse that definitely feels that sentiment to his core. Not all horses like to be ridden, and Jingang falls right into that category—literally. He’s found a rather unique and hilarious way to protest his discontent. Instead of bucking a person off, Jingang finds it best to pretend to play dead anyone someone tries to ride him. Perhaps Jingang knows its Oscar season, because if you ask me, he’s worthy of an Academy Award for his hilariously dramatic antics.


His owner states that Jingang is “cute but naughty,” and decided why not give the world a laugh by featuring a compilation of his horse playing dead. Each and every time, Jingang nails his dramatic performance and it’s rather entertaining. Well, maybe more so for us because we’re not the frustrated horse owner trying to ride a “dead” horse.

Watch this funny equine below in action:

He’s pretty clever, don’t you think? I’m sure that Jingang isn’t the only horse to resort to this tactic, but he’s certainly the funniest one I’ve seen do it. Horses have a great sense of humor if you ask me, and are experts at keeping us endlessly entertained.


Jingang the horse that plays dead

Is it just me, or does Jingang look like he’s smiling? One thing is certain, I don’t think he’s going to stop his melodramatic performances anytime soon!

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funny horse

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