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Dog Jumps For Joy After Meeting Police Horse

by ihearthorses

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You probably guessed by now that our favorite animal at iHeartHorses is, well, horses. But that doesn’t mean that dogs don’t come in a close second. And when the two of them meet, well, that’s almost always a match made in heaven. That’s what we thought of this dog and police horse who met in an adorable viral video. 

In a recent post, we put together a list of our favorite pictures of horses hanging out with dogs and cats. It’s clear that almost every time the two animals meet one another, adorable magic ensues. They can become the most unlikely of friends, and we love to watch them chase one another and relax together. 

Police horses have been around for quite some time. You sometimes see them in busy cities such as Toronto, Chicago, or, in the case of this video, New York City. The police horse in the video is carrying a NYPD officer on Wall Street. According to the video description on YouTube, the filmer saw the police horse interacting with the dog on his way back to the office during a lunch break. 

To make the video even more adorable, the dog in question is a French Bulldog, and she is clearly ecstatic about the new friend she’s made. Just watch her jump!


Have you ever seen an adorable interaction between a horse and a dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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