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Blind Pony Relies On Her Best Friend To Be Her Eyes

by ihearthorses

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No matter how dark things got for Dottie, the blind pony always had her own guiding light — another pony named Scooter.

And together, this pair has known a lot of darkness.

They were surrendered to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) after the farmer who owned them couldn’t meet their needs. And while in the organization’s care, it soon became obvious that they must never be apart.

Image Source: Dog Tales

Scooter was Dottie’s guide, helping her navigate the world around her — and making sure the little gray pony always had a shoulder to lean on.

The bond between these ponies was so powerful, the OSPCA realized they needed to find a home–together.

But taking on a blind pony isn’t the easiest proposition — not only would Dottie need the space and resources that every pony needs, but also special care to help her get around in the world.

Fortunately, Dottie came with her own personal attendant in Scooter. And Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary — a 50-acre stretch of verdant paradise in King City, Ontario —  had ‘rest-of-their-lives’ written all over it.

Image Source: Dog Tales

“When we heard about Dottie and Scooter’s special friendship and learned that they needed a home, we knew that we had to offer them a permanent place at our sanctuary,” Clare Forndran, media director at Dog Tales, tells iHeartHorses.

When they arrived at the sanctuary last month, Scooter wasted no time in showing his best friend around the sprawling property.

“To see the way that Dottie and Scooter navigate the world as a team is incredibly heartwarming,” Forndran says. “When in unfamiliar places, Scooter will guide Dottie by having her walk with her head against his shoulder. He is her eyes, and he takes his job very seriously.”

And sometimes, not so seriously.

“Scooter loves to play, and when he is not with Dottie, he can be found prancing around his paddock,” Forndran says. “Sometimes Dottie will join in, but she will always make sure that she is running behind him.”

Dottie and Scooter have only just begun this new journey. But every step they take together will be filled with brightness. Because Scooter always leaves a light on for his best friend.

Image Source: Dog Tales

“Scooter’s friendship has allowed Dottie to live a full, happy life,” Forndran says. “Dottie, in turn, provides Scooter with unconditional love, and a sense of purpose. We are so thankful that Dottie and Scooter found each other. They truly are best friends.”


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