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Breaking News – Nearly 100 Horses Rescued From Texas Floods

by ihearthorses

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Extensive flooding in southeast Texas from heavy rain left nearly 100 horses trapped at Cypress Trails Equestrian Center near Houston this week. Many people stopped their vehicles to get out and try to help the horses by encouraging them to keep going. Some even got into the water to help the horses get to safety.


Harris County officials contacted the Texas Animal Health Commission to get a rescue team to the stables, made difficult by washed out roads due to the flood. The extreme flooding left barns almost completely underwater:


People quickly gathered, risking their own lives and using anything they had – their own hands, ropes, boats, etc. – to help get these horses to safety.

One very special rescue involved a blind horse. Watch the amazing video below:

As of April 18, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said most of the horses were safe in this post on his Facebook page:

Unfortunately, we know that at least 10 horses did not make, drowning in the high waters. The below news story has more details:

We are so glad these horses are safe! For updated information you can follow Judge Ed Emmett on his Facebook page. We hope those last remaining horses are found safe.

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