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Cowboy Gets Dying Wish To See His Beloved Horse One Last Time

by Amber King

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For nearly two decades, Kansas cowboy Kevin Adkins spent every day with his horse named Vic. The two shared an incredible bond that spanned both good times and bad. When Adkins was diagnosed with cancer, he still found time for his best friend. But when his illness sent him to the hospital, things changed.

Thanks to his daughter, the long-time cowboy got to say goodbye just in time. 

Adkins passed away after fighting cancer for three years. While his friends and family mourn their loss, they are thankful he was able to fulfill his dying wish of seeing Vic one last time.

KCBD News reports that Adkins bought Vic almost 20 years ago from Jennifer Wadley’s family ranch, D&J Ranch. Wadley told news reporters that since that first day, Adkins and Vic have been inseperable.

“They’ve been partners for all these years. It could be pouring rain, it could be snowing, it could be hotter than heck. He was always here.”

Every day, Adkins made time for Vic. Whether it was through riding or caring for basic needs, the two forged a powerful friendship. 

For years, Adkins was determined to not let cancer get in the way.

He continued to visit the barn every day to be with Vic even if he couldn’t get in the saddle. But as his illness progressed, seeing Vic  became impossible. The 55-year-old cowboy was admitted to the hospital, and he went weeks without seeing his best friend.

During that time of separation, Adkins expressed his wish to see his horse one last time. His daughter, Delaney, was determined to make that happen. She arranged an ambulance to take her father to see his horse for their final goodbyes. 

Watch the YouTube video of their reunion below.

The emotional reunion between cowboy and horse was caught on camera, and Wadley shared the video to YouTube. It shows Adkins exiting an ambulance on a stretcher and smiling brightly to see Vic. The two share a few precious moments simply being together. They said their goodbyes, and Adkins passed away the next day.

KCBD reports that Vic will be an honorary pallbearer at his friend’s funeral. Our hearts go out to Adkins’ daughter, his friends, and, of course, to Vic. 

h/t: KCBD News

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