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Dramatic Horse Hilariously Conquers Ditch

by ihearthorses

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Whether it’s a young horse, an inexperienced rider, or a combination of both, it’s important to develop that human-animal bond. As trust develops, both horse and rider gain confidence in one another.

This video seems to show a budding horse/rider relationship. Watch as the horse approaches a ditch, gently inspects it with its hoof, hesitates … and then dramatically over-leaps the obstacle!

Horses are often tentative about obstacles and jumps because of their poor depth perception. It is an issue that can definitely improve as horse and rider become more comfortable with one another.

But as we all know, horses have BIG personalities! Some really are drama queens through and through! They don’t like their hooves to touch water or mud, and they insist on leaping well over every obstacle to ensure they stay dry and clean!

Which scenario do you think we are seeing in this video? Is this a young rider leading an inexperienced horse? Or an equine diva showing off its stubborn side?

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