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Essential Apparel For Winter Riding

by ihearthorses

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None of us want to miss out on riding just because of the weather. In fact, winter rides can be some of the most beautiful we ever take. They can also be absolutely freezing. Here are a few products to help you keep warm while in the saddle or cart. Have a product you like that keeps you toasty? Tell us in the comments.

#1 – ACEL Thermal Compression Socks

ACEL Compression Socks are a great addition to any rider’s wardrobe. ACEL Comfort Graduated Compression Socks. They increase the blood flow in your legs, increasing endurance and performance and the slender design makes it easier to put on and take off your boots. Simultaneously, the graduated compression decreases lactic acid build up in the muscles, which reduces cramps and shin splints. Thermal action keeps you warm on cold days, and the moisture wicking material keeps your feet dry when your body temp rises – when you cool back down, your feet don’t. AcelComfort.com

h1 ACEL Thermal Socks

#2 – Infinity Scarf

These are handmade by a crafter in Florida out of super-soft yarns. Being an equestrian herself, she understood the need for a nice neck warmer that didn’t have loose-ends to get tangled up or a scarf that would slip off while riding. Facebook.com

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#3 – Woman’s Tack II Hi-Equestrian Work Boot

These new boots from the Muck Boot Company are an update of their original Tack boot and features a slimming shape and all-day comfort while walking in the field or standing on hard surfaces. The stylish, new top line boasts a more equestrian look without sacrificing sure footing around stalls and wet surfaces. Even better, they hose clean! They also have a new, 100% waterproof western boot, “The Western,” for those looking for the look of a cowboy boot with the function of a rubber one! A neoprene top keeps cold and moisture out and warmth in. MuckBootCompany.com

h3 Muck-TK2H-000_zoom

#4 – Kapelli Ear Warmers

These are unlike any ear warmers you have ever seen – because you won’t see them once they are on! They are a patented bandless earmuff that seamlessly blends into a woman’s own hair color. They are virtually invisible. They come in 3 different sizes and 8 different shades. Perfect for covering up your ears while still being able to wear your helmet or for a winter horse show!

#5 – Hand Warmers

Haven’t used these before? They are about to become your favorite accessory. They are especially good for people, like me, that have bad circulation and end up with icy hands and feet. Amazon.com

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#6 – Fleece-lined jeans

I do sheep herding and agility with my dog, as well as driving with my mini mare. And I live in Oregon, which means I am outside in the cold a lot. These jeans have been a life saver for me. They are lined with a warm flannel so the wind doesn’t cut through them like regular jeans. Being made by Eddie Bauer, they last forever. They come in both men and women styles. Eddiebauer.com

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#7 – Down Vest

This is another item I spring for when I go to Eddie Bauer. They have the best down vests I have ever found. They are comfy and last forever AND ARE MACHINE WASHABLE. I have a cream one that is 10 years old and it looks almost brand new….even though I use it out with the animals. I even got chocolate off it. They have several styles to choose from. EddieBauer.com 

h7 0063924_512C1


#8 – UA Storm Armour

So, pretty much anything you buy from Under Armour will help keep you warm. A personal favorite of mine is their Storm Hoodie, for days that may be a bit warmer, but wetter. It’s the only water-resistant hoodie I have ever seen and it also has a moisture transport system that wicks sweat away to keep you dry and warm. Amazon.com

h8 511KE3QpGKL._SL1000_

#9 – SSG 10 Below Waterproof Gloves

These gloves are made for horseback riders! They feature four layers of warmth, while still being thin enough for you to have motion in your fingers for riding.  Thinsulate is the warmest thin glove insulation available, even in damp conditions. It provides about 1.5 times the warmth of down, and about twice the warmth of other high loft insulation materials. StatelineTack.com 

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