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Girl Sneaks Horse Into Her Parents’ Bathroom To Take Selfies

by ihearthorses

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Outdoing one another on social media is a constant struggle for young folks. A horse lover named Kait, who goes by the Twitter handle, KaitRides decided to try upping her selfie game with a few horse-themed snaps.

I know what you’re thinking, “Big deal. I take selfies with my horses when I’m out in the barn, too.” Sure, but have you ever put hoof boots on them and led them into your parents’ bathroom for some mirror selfies? Kait has.

It was a few years back when Kait was home from college on a break. While her mom and dad were at work, she guided Tucker – who is 25-years-old and nearly 1,000-pounds – up one step, through the home, and into the bathroom.

Kait told Mashable that she chose Tucker as her model because of his “been there done that” attitude and “general unflappability.” She says the laid-back horse marched right inside just like he was walking into a new barn. They spent about 5 minutes taking their glamour shots, then it was right back outside for Tucker.

Kait immediately sent the photos to her mom and the pair had a good laugh, but they decided to leave dear old dad out of the loop for 2 full years! I guess not all parents can see the humor in a half ton animal strolling through their home!

Since she was already confessing, Kait admitted to 2 other attempts to bring horses into the house.

Ah, the shenanigans of youth!

H/T to Mashable

Featured Images via Twitter/KaitRides


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