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Rescue Horse Inspires An Animal Cruelty Registry For Abusers

by ihearthorses

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Unfortunately some people get pets when they can’t take care of them, and the innocent animals suffer when all they did was fall into the hands of an irresponsible owner. No animal should ever go through something like this, and when good people see it, they report it.

Such was the case for a horse named Flora. If not for a report from a good Samritan, she would likely have died at the hands of her abuser.

Extremely malnourished and sick, Flora was saved just in time by the Massachusetts SPCA. When she arrived at their rehab farm, poor Flora was weak and covered in sores. Rescuers doubted she would be able to make a full recovery, but a wonderful miracle happened!

Allison Mankivsky met Flora after her amazing rescue and fell in love. She is now healthy and flourishing in her new family’s care. Learn more about their story in the heartwarming video below!

Flora’s former owner is facing felony animal cruelty charges and her ordeal has inspired new legislation for the creation of an animal cruelty registry.

If you ever see any animal that is clearly being neglected or has been abandoned, you should always report it or call law enforcement and report it as suspected abuse. You could help that animal survive and live a happy life with someone who deserves them!

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