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Commemorative Candle Provides A Beautiful Way To Honor The Memory Of Your Late Horse

by Modi Ramos

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While we are lucky to have our horses with us for longer than most have their cats and dogs, our time on Earth with our beloved equines is never long enough. When they leave this Earth, there is a space in our hearts that is dedicated to them and the bond that we shared. It can never be replaced, and we must find ways to preserve their memory and the many smiles we shared in our time together.


We know that the pathway to your heart is paved in hoofprints, just like ours is. If you’ve loved and lost a dear horse, there are ways that you can honor them and keep their memory alive. One way you can do this is by purchasing a candle in their honor. Every time you light your MyPetCandle, you are honoring your horse’s memory and keeping their spirit alive as the inviting aromas linger around your home.

The candles are 100% soy, hand-poured, and made in the USA. When selecting your horse memorial candle, you can choose from Cedar, Leather, & Orange Leaf, Odor Eliminating Citrus, or Sandalwood & Vanilla. Each of the candles are 11oz with a 60+ hour burn time, so you’ll have many hours for your horse’s memory to burn bright.

And the best thing about it? You’re giving back to pets in need by honoring your late horse. The awesome team at GreaterGood.org believes in “spreading the love and giving back to make the world a better place.” And with each and every purchase of these lovely horse candles, you’re helping pets in need by contributing to better lives for shelter pets. Each candle sale provides a care package to brighten a pet’s day on their journey to finding a forever home. The shelter life is a lonely one, so we are happy that there are organizations like GreaterGood.org who are dedicated to helping pets in need. 

When you purchase the MyPetCandle in honor of your late horse, know that you’re giving back to animals who need love and care. Proceeds from each purchase are put toward care packages which include vaccines, food, beds, toys, treats, and more.

Honor your late horse by celebrating their memory each time you light your MyPetCandle, and feel good knowing that you’ve helped to make the lives of shelter pets just a little bit better.

Ready to get yours now—or know someone who would love one of these? You can get yours here by visiting MyPetCandle. The holiday season is fast approaching, and this could make a lovely gift for a horse person you know whose heart still belongs to their late horse.

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