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Horse & Rider Rescued From 300 Foot Ravine

by ihearthorses

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What began as a relaxing afternoon ride became a terrifying ordeal for an equestrian and her horse in Angelus Oaks, California.

They were riding along the Santa Ana Trail around noon this past Thursday when they fell into a 300-foot ravine.

Officials were able to rescue the woman, who suffered only minor injuries, but recovering her horse was a much greater task. For the animal’s safety, it was sedated, blindfolded, and airlifted by helicopter.

The rider of the horse has not been identified, but reports say that she and the horse are remarkably unscathed despite the dramatic fall.

Those in the area Thursday afternoon must have gotten quite a shock if they happened to be looking skyward while the horse soared overhead! Several videos of the horse flying high above San Bernardino County have since gone viral.


Featured Image via the San Bernardino Sun

H/T to ABC7.com

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