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Left To Starve To Death, This Mare Had A Reason For Living

by ihearthorses

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) rescued Connie, an abandoned and starving horse, at the brink of death.

As you see from her pictures, this mare was nothing but skin and bones.


Image source: RSPCA


But Connie rallied and recovered. And the workers are RSPCA soon found out why – Connie gave birth to an adorable filly just months after they realized she was pregnant. The day after the vet confirmed the pregnancy, Miracle was born.


Image source: RSPCA


“Despite her awful state she seemed fairly bright, but her eyes had a sadness to them,” Kate Wright, the RSPCA officer who fell in love with and adopted Connie, told The Daily Mirror. “I wonder now if she was fearful that her unborn foal would be suffering.”


Image source: RSPCA


“It seems I rescued two horses that day,” Wright added.

Watch her foal frolic in a field, unaware of the pain and abuse her mom suffered while trying to bring her into this world.


Did you see the leg on this filly?! And that action? She is truly a stunning horse that almost did not make it into this world.

Miracle, we think, is aptly named.

(H/T: The Daily Mirror)

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