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Man Is Granted His Dying Wish To Pet A Horse One Last Time


87-year-old Patrick Saunders spent most of his life in the company of horses. He even met his wife of 66 years during a riding lesson! So when hospice workers asked Saunders if there was anything he dreamed of doing before he passed on, his answer came as no surprise.

The British-born gentleman asked to pet and feed a horse one last time.

Hospice nurse Cathy Whattingham, arranged the bedside visit from the gorgeous brown stallion named Victor.

“His passion for horses was so clear,” she told the New York Post.  “We may not be able to put days into life, but we can put life into the days of our patients.”

What a beautiful sentiment! We are so glad that Mr. Saunders’ caregivers were kind enough to grant his heartfelt final wish!

Featured Image via New York Post

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