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One-Eyed Horse To Compete In Kentucky Derby


For this young horse, having one eye won’t stop him from succeeding in racing… and competing in the Kentucky Derby!

Patch is a 3-year-old Thoroughbred who lost his eye in a track accident. You’d think that this impairment may slow him down, impacting his vision and depth perception… but not for this resilient guy!


Owned by Calumet Farm and trained by Todd Pletcher, Patch has not only learned how to cope with the injury, he also excels at racing. In one of his first races, the Thoroughbred took home first place, and in another, he came in second.

By the time he ran in the Louisiana Derby, it was clear that Patch had pure talent – his top ranks weren’t just a fluke.

Patch walked away with the impressive second place title, earning 40 points, and qualifying him for the Kentucky Derby!

But the speedy horse remains humble. A tweet by @adolphsonracing reads that Patch is, “Just a curious, quirky and friendly horse (if not also mischievous).”

Way to defy the odds, Patch! Good luck in your next big race!

(h/t: Wide Open Pets)

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