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Photographer Captures Images Of Horses In Icelandic Landscapes

by Modi Ramos

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I could look at photos of nature all day long. And when it comes to stunning images of horses coupled with breathtaking landscapes, they are certainly a thing of wonder. Liga Liepina, a native of Latvia, moved to Iceland when she was fourteen years of age. Soon after, she combined her love of photography to capture the wondrous Icelandic landscapes. But being a horse lover, not long after she found that horses quickly became her preferred subject of choice with the landscapes as her backdrop. And she’s used her photography talent and love of horses to create something truly magical. I promise these images of Icelandic horses are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I came across her incredible work while browsing Bored Panda, and we reached out to her to see if she would allow iHeartHorses to share her images. Thankfully she agreed, and I know that you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Liga’s images of horses are some of the best I have ever seen…

images of horses - liga liepina

images of horses - liga liepina

When it comes to the inspiration behind her incredible work, Liga says that she has been “obsessed” with horses for as long as she can remember. She says it started with “collecting all possible newspaper clippings, posters, and calendars of horses and once I had my first-ever riding lesson.” And because of this passion, she knew horses would somehow be tied in to her calling in life.

“Photography came to me when I was a teenager. I enjoyed playing with my small digital camera, snapping shots of mostly landscapes. It evolved and I purchased my first serious camera with the thought of pursuing landscape photography more seriously. As horses were part of my daily life, they ended up in front of my camera more and more, until my path led to equine photography.”

images of horses - liga liepina

images of horses - liga liepina

Focusing on equine portraits didn’t seem like the right fit for Liga. So, she decided on something that felt “more exciting and different” to better suit her interests.

Liga says that, “the Icelandic horses are very unique―they are very cooperative and brave, yet still wild in their heart, which I try to portray in my photos.”

But Liga’s work is certainly not easy. A lot of thought, creativity, and preparation goes into making these images so magnificent. But Liga doesn’t mind, it’s all in a day’s work and she’s happy to do it. She says,

“A lot of work goes into creating images like these―from coming up with an idea to bringing horses to locations (these places must be accessible and safe for animals), not to mention the Icelandic weather, which is full of surprises. But it’s all worth it when I get to spend time out in nature with my equine models and witness how horses and the landscape complement each other.”

I asked Liga if she has any “dream locations” in which she’d love to photograph horses in nature, and she says,

“Iceland has endless possibilities, and I actually do have a long list of locations I would like to shoot at. Many of those are not popular tourist destinations and more hidden treasures so you will just need to stay tuned for my upcoming photo adventures.”

I know I’ll be eager and waiting to see her next move. These images of Icelandic horses are too beautiful to miss.

icelandic horses

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And, if you enjoyed Liga’s work, don’t forget to follow her on social media. You can find her on Instagram here; Facebook here. I’d like to give a special thank you to Liga for allowing us to share her truly magnificent work with all of our iHeartHorses readers. You are an amazing talent, and equine enthusiasts everywhere are grateful for your images of horses. Keep shining, Liga!

All Images Courtesy of Liga Liepina – Equine Photography


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