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Police Department Holds Adorable Gender Reveal For Foals Set To Become Officers

For anyone that has been to the great city of New Orleans, you can vividly recall the many mounted patrol officers and their lovely horses that protect and serve the city–on hoof! As a way to celebrate two new additions to the team, the New Orleans Police Department’s Mounted Unit held a gender reveal for the babies, debuting them to the public at roughly one week of age.

See them here in this precious clip!

Holding gender reveals for new additions to the team isn’t something that happens often, but the team was pleased by their breeding program’s incredible efforts. Thanks to generous sponsors, the Mounted Patrol was able to breed the horses on their own through sponsorships.

The filly, Bella Flora, a lovely brown and white female was sponsored by LSU’s Veterinary Hospital; the colt, Tropical Isle (T.I. for short), was named for the popular French Quarter bar that also served as his sponsor.

Photos Courtesy of NOPD Mounted Patrol
Photos Courtesy of NOPD Mounted Patrol

Once these little cuties blossom into mature horses, they will be properly trained so that they can hit the streets with their fellow officers on their backs, fighting crime and keeping order. Way to go, Bella and T.I., we’re sure you’re gonna be great when your time comes!

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