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Rescue Horse Named Hank Rings The Salvation Army Bell And Spreads Cheer

by Modi Ramos

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For many of us, we know that each Christmas season, we will hear the familiar bells of the Salvation Army as they chime and smiling ringers greet us at storefronts. We often donate because it’s for a great cause, and it brings us a smile and simple satisfaction knowing we’re making Christmas just a tiny bit better for those less fortunate. These iconic red kettles from The Salvation Army are all held by volunteers, and these kind individuals do their part to help raise money for those less fortunate. For one rescue horse named Hank and his helpful human, they figured they’d help spread some bell ringing cheer together!

Hank not only rings the bell, but he’s available for photo-ops, too! If you happen to be in the Lexington, Kentucky area and want to meet Hank in person, you just might get your chance!

Want to know more about Hank? Check out his story from one sad, suffering horse to a bell-ringing sight-to-see…

If you’d like to keep up with Hank, check out his Facebook page dedicated to the nonprofit that his owner Tammi Jo Regan runs on his behalf to raise awareness on the beauty of rehabilitating and retraining rescued horses.

Read below to learn more about Hank’s story, and the passion for the nonprofit in his namesake:

A Kentucky-born horse, Hank was neglected by his owner and left to starve, his basic needs unmet. Tammi, an avid horse enthusiast and animal advocate, saw this emaciated Tennessee Walker standing all alone, fell immediately in love and set about rescuing him. With the help of her Aunt, Kathie Jane Regan, a horse owner in Kentucky, they nursed Hank back to health and once he regained enough strength and weight, was transported to live with his rescuer at her barn, Equinox Stables, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

As Tammi’s very first rescue, Hank became the brand ambassador for the rescue organization that bears his face and name. His little splotch of white fur beneath his forelock in the shape of a heart inspired the For Hank’s Sake logo, creating a lifelong brand of love.

His story became the first of many, and went on to become the driving force behind Tammi’s mission: to be a safe haven and a voice for abused and neglected horses.

Rescued from certain death, Hank is now living a happy, healthy and loving life that all animals deserve. He is our ambassador, our symbol of hope and a beacon of light for all animals suffering from neglect and torture. The promise Tammi made to Hank on the day she found him, was to provide a lifetime of love, comfort and care for any and all stranded and disregarded souls who made their way into her barn. Please help us by continuing to share his story of rescue, recovery, rehabilitation and retraining. We thank you all for the love and support that you have given us over the past 6 years as Hank journeyed into his new life.

In Tammi’s words, For Hank’s Sake represents: “a cause born of the urge to heal and rescue unloved and neglected animals of every kind. The herd gives us the daily inspiration to keep fighting for their rights and ensure a better life.”

hank the bell ringing horse

Did you know that every year, there’s a real difference made with each of those red bell rings? The Salvation Army uses the money collected to help serve more than 25 million people in need each year. Want to become a volunteer of this timeless tradition to help those in need? Sign up today to become a bell ringing volunteer in your area. Visit the volunteer section of The Salvation Army website by clicking here.

Know someone who’d love Hank as much as we do? Share this story with them so they can smile! This just goes to show you, sometimes all a horse needs is just that one person to take a chance on them. And a little applesauce, of course! <3 

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