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Retired Police Horse “Cleans House” At His First Show

by ihearthorses

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Murphy is one of several horses retired by the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau’s Mounted Patrol Unit earlier this month when it was officially decommissioned. He has returned to live out his sunset years with his former owners, Randy and Jean Snow. But Murphy is not ready to hang up his saddle just yet.

He participated in his very first show last weekend, trotting away with awards for his gait and appearance!

The Snows raised Murphy from a foal, but regretfully found themselves with too many horses. The Mounted Patrol Unit happily took the Gypsy Cross into their crew. Murphy went on to become something of a Portland celebrity during his career, recognized for his portly size and for slimming down with the help of a trainer.


Based on his success last weekend, his wonderful temperament and his massive stature, the Snows plan to enter him in dressage competitions and also get him involved in community outreach.

“He just cleaned house and he won everything there was to win. Everyone fell in love with him,” Mr. Snow told FOX 12. “(We have) big plans for him, stuff with Wounded Warriors and some therapy stuff for children.”

Way to go, Murphy! Who says you can’t teach an old horse new tricks?!

H/T to FOX12

Featured Image via Facebook/Save Portland’s Mounted Patrol

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