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“Smiling” Horse Upstages Bride

by ihearthorses

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Patti Womer wanted to find a way to represent her dad in her wedding, even though he passed away in May of last year. She decided to include the first horses they had bought together when she was 8 years old. She rode Cricket down the aisle while leading her dad’s horse, Dutch, with an empty saddle. She told Yahoo! Lifestyle:

“This just showed that my father was there with me through the whole thing.”

Little did she know that Cricket would wind up stealing the show when the wedding photographs revealed a giant grin on Cricket’s face! Check out the photo that has captured the nation’s attention:

The photographer, Tony Bendele, has worked with many different kinds of animals, but this was a first for him. He told Yahoo! Lifestyle:

“I’m very used to working with animals, but I’ve never seen a horse doing the smile like that. It actually caught my eye initially when we first started doing the photographs. As the bride was smiling the horse would look up and put its teeth just like that.”

Patti Womer doesn’t mind that all the attention from her wedding has been focused on Cricket instead of her, but she confesses that Cricket wasn’t really smiling.

“Honestly, the horse is just shaking her head trying to get a fly off or something but with her showing her teeth, it looks like she is smiling.”

We hope Cricket’s smile is a good omen for a lifetime of happiness for Patti and her new husband, Kelvin Womer!

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