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8 Reasons Why You Should Own A Horse

by ihearthorses

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Are you thinking of buying or leasing a horse? While horses are expensive and require a lot of care and work, the rewards are abundant. If you’re debating getting a horse, then check out these eight top reasons to add a horse to your life.

Horses Give You Power

There’s no better way to feel powerful than to ride a galloping or jumping horse. Horses lend you a power that you couldn’t otherwise experience, and it is at once uplifting and eye-opening.

Horse and owner

Horses Take You Away from the World

Horses can take you away from the troubles of the outside world. Riding a horse off into the woods is a great way to forget about your worries, and riding requires intense focus, meaning that you often have to be able to shut other thoughts out while you’re in the saddle.

Alternative Therapy Horse and Owner

Horses Keep You Fit

Riding and caring for horses is a great workout. Hauling hay bales and water buckets can help to keep you fit, and knowing that you’re one partner in an athletic team of two can encourage you to take better care of your body than you might otherwise.

Horse owner tending to his horse before exercise.

Horses Give You Confidence

Horses can provide us with incredible confidence. After you’ve run a barrel pattern or navigated a difficult fence, you’ll be rewarded with a confidence boost. Riding is a great way to improve your confidence.

Smiling woman with hat horse riding in forest.

Horses Open Up New Worlds

When you’re involved with horses, new worlds open up to you. From the competition ring to volunteering for an equine nonprofit, there are tons of activities that you can take up when you’re active in horses.

Woman riding horse in the sand beach

Horses Help You Meet New Friends

The horse world can be an excellent place to meet new friends. You’ll meet new people and possibly make new friends in your boarding barn, at horse shows, and during clinics.

young girl riding a horse

Horses Give You Freedom

Horses are incredibly freeing. They can help you to overcome physical and mental limitations, and can leave you feeling restored and revitalized when you return to your life outside of the horse world.

Young couple goes honeymoon horse riding on the beach in summer vacation.

Horses Teach You About Love

There’s possibly no better teacher about love than the horse. When you love and trust a horse, that horse can reward you with an intense love in return. And there’s nothing better than that.

What are your top reasons for adding a horse to your life?

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