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This Tiny Horse Is a Fighter After a Cougar Mauling

Back in November, Rio, a Miniature Horse, was mauled by a cougar in a vicious attack. Rio had significant wounds in his neck and over his body, but the six-year-old horse survived. He required hospital care and lots of follow-up care, but Rio is healing.

Rio’s not your average Miniature Horse, though – he’s a therapy horse, too. Rio is once again home with his owner, and this video provides a great look at this little horse’s healing progress.

Cougar attacks can be a threat to horses, particularly to Miniature Horses, which are easy targets. If you live in an area where cougars are present, it’s important to bring your minis in after dark. Rio’s very lucky that he survived the attack, and we wish him a continued speedy recovery.

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