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Trapped Horse Rescued During California Wildfires

by ihearthorses

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The devastating wildfires in Southern California have forced more than 100,000 residents to evacuate – many without their horses and livestock. The California Horse Racing Board estimates that at least 50 horses have perished in the Los Angeles and San Diego fires.

A senior horse in Sylmar, CA would have become part of that tally if not for firefighters, volunteers and one concerned reporter.

The panicked horse was attempting to flee from the blaze when he fell into a narrow crevice. Gina Silva of Fox 11 Los Angeles came across the trapped animal and called for help.

Firefighters and volunteers arrived shortly after and were able to extract the terrified animal from the tight space and transport him to a veterinary hospital for care.

The 23-year-old horse’s name is Kenny and he has since been reunited with his owners after being treated for minor injuries and briefly relocated to an evacuation barn.

These structures have been rapidly built throughout the evacuation zone to house rescued and stranded livestock.

Silva posted an update to Twitter showing Kenny with a bandage covering one leg and another around his neck. He is safe and sound and thanks to the fast response of his rescuers, expected to make a full recovery.


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