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West Coast Morgans In Florida Is A Must-See For Horse Lovers!

by Modi Ramos

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If you ever find yourself near Tampa, Florida, or if you happen to be a lover of both horses and beautiful landscapes, West Coast Morgans in the Odessa/Keystone area is a must-see!

Late last year I had the opportunity to visit the wonderful West Coast Morgans facility and was greeted with friendly smiles all around. Although I’m not a horseback rider myself, I am a horse admirer, so I was in for a treat. And not only did I get to meet several beautiful horses, but I also took my first real horseback riding lesson from Owner, Trainer, and Operator, Anne Winograd. (Thankfully, with her incredible instruction, I did not fall off. Guess the world champion horse took it easy on me!)

The barn is kept in immaculate condition, and there are many dedicated employees steadily moving about to keep the barn tidy and the horses well cared for at all times.

Anne has been a lover of horses and a respected and decorated rider since she was a young girl. She is a certified Veterinary technician and certified in equine massage therapy. She has used her passion for horses and her hard work ethic to help young equine enthusiasts achieve their riding dreams. Anne loves each and every day and puts everything she has into her work. She thoroughly enjoys introducing people to horses and building upon the bond between horses and humans. Her no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air and is especially exciting in a world where some might feel equine enthusiasts carry a haughty air about them. Only cool breezes at West Coast Morgans—they only have room for happy people and happy horses!!

This is a facility where visitors are truly welcomed and appreciated!

One of the lovely Arabian horses at the facility, getting ready to be groomed!

About West Coast Morgans, Inc in Odessa, Florida…

West Coast Morgans is a 31-acre equestrian facility specializing in Morgan horses and American Saddlebreds located in Odessa, Florida. We teach a wide variety of equine disciplines including Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Driving, and Western Dressage just to name a few. We train from the ground up – beginner through advanced to the World Championships!
Training, lessons, and boarding year round are also offered to best fit your life’s schedule. And although we would not be where we are today without our wonderful clients, our horses on location are our top priority and are promised happy and healthy lives while living living with us.
We are also very proud of our fantastic horse camps throughout the year and boy and girl scout badge program. Our stable and property can also be greatly utilized and transformed to become the perfect venue for birthday parties, a fun outdoorsy meetings, weddings, fundraisers, and more!
At West Coast Morgans, we focus on the best in horsemanship and fun year round!
Come check us out on the web, or better yet, come to the farm for a visit!

Mia hamming it up for my iPhone camera!

West Coast Morgan is a place that obviously cares about horses and the people who love them. Many of the horses that come into their care are from rescue and rehabilitative situations, and the staff has spent countless hours and funds to get these horses healthy. It takes blood, sweat, and tears, but all those who call West Coast Morgans home are happy with what they do day in and day out because they know it’s for a great cause—both for horses and people!

We had a chance to have Mrs. Winograd answer some of our questions about West Coast Morgans, check out her answers below!

What inspired you to open West Coast Morgans?
After leaving corporate life, I returned to professional horse training. My husband and I owned four horses and decided it was time to grow from the boarding facility at the time. We then decided to purchase property with some friends in the Odessa/Keystone area since there was lots of lush, dry land, low traffic and plenty of Florida sunshine. We purchased 31 acres off Boy Scout Road and our friends purchased land on each side of us. So, we got lucky and got  chose our neighbors. We relocated other clients from our previous location and created “West Coast Morgans” now located on Boy Scout Road. We created WCM from the letter from our last name “Winograd” and thought West Coast Morgans would be provocative as we are on the west of coast of Florida (not California), and compete throughout the country. While we specialize in Morgans and teach all disciplines, we train many other breeds as well, and we continue to grow every year.

What’s your favorite part about each day at WCM?
It’s hard to say- we work with many great riders and great horses each and every day. We love watching the little ones grow up here and in the blink of an eye become spectacular riders with big ambitions and dreams. We love working with some of the finest show horses in the country, and rehabilitating horses and learning about their challenges and how we can overcome them together. And of course our horses on property all have different personalities, quirks and attitudes and and it keeps things interesting and upbeat. 
What’s your favorite thing about Morgan Horses?
Morgans are an amazing horse that represents to United States. It’s as if they are the Golden retrievers of the horse world: very loyal, kind and pleasant to work with and be around.
If West Coast Morgans and Mrs. Winograd seems familiar, perhaps you recognized her from the OxiClean commercial!

More on their lovely facility below…

Our facility boasts amenities galore. Green pastures and a beautiful 30 stall barn and a 4 stall barn provide a pleasurable experience for both the horses and riders. From the air-conditioned lounge, and ample storage areas to the airy breezeways and stalls – comfort and safety is the priority. We have the latest in equine rehabilitation and nursing services available also for horses needing outpatient therapy or medication and rehabilitation from the hospital or injury back to health and normal work.

West Coast Morgans’ staff has well over 100 years experience training horses and students. While we specialize in Morgan and Saddlebred horses, we offer services to all breeds and levels of riders. For show or pleasure, our standards are high while maintaining a hands-on, educational and fun experience for everyone.

Want to keep up with West Coast Morgans on social media? You can find them on Facebook and Instagram to see what exciting things are happening. And don’t forget, visitors are welcomed…just be sure to bring horse-friendly treats along!

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