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Woman Reunites With Racehorse She Groomed Years Earlier

by ihearthorses

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There’s nothing like the bond between a human and a beloved horse. And there’s no heartache quite like saying good-bye to that horse and never knowing if you’ll see him again.

According to Wide Open Pets, a woman named Megan groomed racehorse Alfie when he was just 3 years old. Known as Last Tribute on the racetrack, poor Alfie was exchanged from one owner to another over the next four years.

“He was claimed from the barn she worked from and has been bouncing around bush league tracks ever since. He changed hands, owner and trainer, and was passed around like a bad joke,” wrote Megan’s friend Mike on YouTube.

Mike had watched Megan search for Alfie for years, desperate to buy him once he retired. But eventually, she lost track of the horse that she longed to bring home.

Somehow, Mike was able to find Alfie and give his good friend the surprise of her life: he shipped the horse internationally to Canada so they could be reunited once more! Amazingly, he was able to orchestrate these plans while keeping them secret.

“Yesterday she thought we were waiting around the track for a horse for me to train to ship. But I had a surprise for her!” Mike wrote on YouTube.

Grab a tissue, because this emotional video is sure to touch your heart!

It appears that poor Alfie wasn’t nearly as loved in his previous homes. But we know that Megan will give him the absolute best care possible! Can you imagine what went through her head when she unexpectedly saw her horse for the first time in 4 years?! They are undoubtedly meant to be together.

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(h/t: Wide Open Pets)

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