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Woman Scales 15 Ft Fence To Rescue A Horse Within Hours Of Death

by ihearthorses

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For any animal lover, the thought of mistreating an animal is unthinkable and cruel. To care for any pet means to love them unconditionally and to always be there. However, some animal owners have no right owning an animal at all. Horses should be able to run free and not be subjected to a life of being tied to a fence with no freedom or attention whatsoever.

When rescue teams discovered two horses that were on the brink of starvation, they stopped at nothing to put the animals’ suffering to an end. One by one they rescued the horses, terrified and afraid that their efforts may have been too late. One of the female rescue workers used everything she had to scale a 15-foot fence just so she could bring one of the horses some water and move it into shade. Watch this incredible rescue story below:

We are so thankful that Scarlett’s life was spared and this amazing rescue team was there to save the day!!! It’s amazing to know that Scarlett will go on to live a long and happy life with her new loving family–and never be mistreated ever again!


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