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‘World’s Smallest Horse’ Now Has A Tiny Baby Sister!

by ihearthorses

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There’s Thumbelina, Einstein and MicroDave – all have been hailed as the “World’s Smallest Horse.” Thumbelina stands 17.5 inches tall, but is officially a dwarf mini, whereas Einstein – a miniature horse without dwarfism – measures in at 20 inches. The ridiculously adorable MicroDave from Kent, England is a rare Overo stallion standing just 18 inches tall. Now this British mini can add the title of Big Brother to his Smallest Horse and multiple show titles!

MicroBoo arrived on June 6, just weeks after pregnancy tests on her mother came up negative! The tiny surprise filly was born standing a mere inch taller than her celebrity brother – she is 15 inches, MicroDave was 14 inches at his birth.

The two miniature horses share the same father, but were born to different mothers. Owner Jen Baldwin-Murphy of Haysden Liveries, near Tonbridge, Kent bred both horses and was delighted to welcome the unexpected new addition last week.

“We had been hoping her mum, Rock Star was pregnant, but the blood tests came back negative. That’s the third year we tried with that mare so I just thought she was infertile,” Baldwin-Murphy told Daily Mail. “Then a few weeks ago I thought she had a bit of a belly, and it turned out she was pregnant. She got to ten months and just started showing.”

You’ve met MicroDave, let me introduce his new young lady stablemate…. MicroBoo!

This little brave and inquisitive…

Posted by Helen Rigby Photography on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It remains to be seen just how big little MicroBoo will grow to be, but she is already capturing hearts around the world with her “merry dance” through the stable yards. So far, estimates expect little Boo to grow no taller than eight hands high.

When she’s older, the crossbreed filly will follow in her half brother’s hoofprints in the show ring. MicroDave is now two-years-old and has already bested dozens of horses more than twice his size, accruing a large collection of trophies and rosettes.

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Featured Image via Facebook/Jen Baldwin-Murphy

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