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You Will NEVER Believe Where These Horses Came From!

by ihearthorses

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On any given day in Oakland, Oregon, you can see a magnificent site – nearly 200 stunningly beautiful horses prance over the hills and valleys in a grazing area that is over 1,100 acres in size.

Looking at them, you would think they were the most beautiful band of wild horses you had ever seen.


But they aren’t.

They are the impeccably kept charges of the Duchess Sanctuary – a partnership between The Fund For Animals and The Humane Society For The United States.


That’s right. These stunning beauties with silky coats, perfect manes and full bellies are all rescues – these horses were previously abused, abandoned, neglected. Many saved from the abuse of the PMU (Pregnant Mares Urine) Industry and the slaughterhouse that awaited them as a final destination.

EVERY single one has a name and a story.

Opened in 2008, the sanctuary has approximately 35 volunteers who donate time caring for these amazing creatures. And there’s one especially dedicated woman named Jennifer Kunz who’s Director of Operations at The Fund For Animals. She lives on the property.


“Our horses stay with us permanently, we don’t adopt them out,” explains Kunz. “We do occasionally foster horses for other organizations, those are the only ones who are here on a temporary basis.”

Since this is a sanctuary, the horses are there to stay and live out the rest of their lives in a way most horses only get to dream about. They spend their days running practically free in a giant “pasture,” plus have the benefit of shelter, grooming, and feed from caring humans. What a perfect mix!

Watch these beauties at home – it will take your breath away!



The Duchess sanctuary is made possible by donations, so if you would like to help them out, please go here to donate. You can also visit their Facebook Page to learn about events such as their open house, when you are invited to tour!

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