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10 Facts That Prove William Shatner Is A Total Horse Fanatic

by ihearthorses

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4. He considers the stable his “church”.

“I have been to truly sacred and highly spiritual places. I’ve been in sweat lodges, I’ve been in smoke ceremonies where a shaman drifts smoke over you, I’ve been at the confluence of several mountains near Mount Everest where there was a great Buddhist temple. But all those left him cold. “For most people — perhaps all? — wherever they love to be, that place is a cathedral to them … For me, it’s a stable.”

– From Passion of the Horse

Did you know: for the past 23 years, actor and equestrian William Shatner has produced the annual Hollywood Charity…

Posted by Farnam Horse on Thursday, April 2, 2015

5. He has been drawn to horses since early childhood.

Shatner grew up outside of Montreal, Canada. As a boy he would ride his bike to a local rental stable several times a week just to watch the horses. At the time his family was too poor to pay for Shatner to have riding lessons. In an interview with the western magazine, Cowboys & Indians, he said:

“I remember going there all the time and having this sort of innate interest in riding, which I couldn’t fulfill at the time because of the expense involved. But I was just drawn there anyway — hanging around the rental stables without ever actually getting on a horse.”

Who IS that masked man ridin’ off into the weekly feller sunset fer the week of 9/4/16? It’s Mister William Shatner. Adios. “I love horses. There’s something practical and mystical about them.”

Posted by GRIT on Saturday, September 10, 2016

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