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10 Facts That Prove William Shatner Is A Total Horse Fanatic

by ihearthorses

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8. He can’t choose a favorite.

Shatner told Cowboys and Indians magazine in 2009:

“Every one of my horses has little charming traits that we work on and try to eliminate, but at the same time it makes them individuals and I find it hard to play favorites.”

Capt. Kirk at 83! Riding on with his wife.

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9. He is responsible for the annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

Since 1990, William and Elizabeth Shatner have put on the event which benefits several worthy charities working to help humans and animals. The show features celebrity music acts, a silent auction and “world-class reining horses and riders in breathtaking slides and spins as they compete for top honors in their respective classes.”

10. He wrote a whole darn book about how much he loves them!

Enough said!

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H/T to The New York Post & Horse Nation

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