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10 Facts That Prove William Shatner Is A Total Horse Fanatic

by ihearthorses

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6. He bought his first horse by accident.

Shatner did not own a horse of his own until he attended a quarter-horse auction near Visalia, California – with no intention of buying. He met a young boy there who pointed to one of the horses and said, “That’s the horse you should buy.” As he protested, the auctioneer mistook his hand gesture as a bid, and Shatner won the auction! Too embarrassed to explain the misunderstanding, he became the reluctant owner of his first quarter horse!

“…Anyway, we trained him and he became terrific and that was the day that my whole interest in quarter horses started.”

William Shatner on a horse.

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 “I soon became living proof that you can’t buy one horse any more than you can eat one potato chip.” 


7. He married a professional horse trainer.

Shatner married his current wife, Elizabeth in 2001. They were both mourning the loss of their spouses when they met and bonded over their shared love of horses.

“She and I have won world championships on Saddlebreds, and I encouraged her to ride reiners as well, so we both ride competitively and occasionally against each other.”

Even celebrities LOVE their horses! William Shatner shares, “Each of my horses have little charming traits that we work…

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