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A Collection Of Draft Horses To Make You Swoon

by Amber King

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With their massive hooves, rippling muscles, and incredible size, it’s easy to understand why we can’t help but fall in love with draft horses. These large horses are bred for strength and have been used for centuries to help humans accomplish all kinds of heavy lifting and pulling. They are trained to pull plows and carriages, and they were also the driving force behind the logging industry before motorized equipment took over.

The most famous draft horses of all are undeniably the Budweiser Clydesdales, but these heavy horses come in several other impressive breeds. Percherons, Shires, Belgians, Gypsy Vanners and many more are celebrated around the world for their truly impressive size and surprisingly gentle personalities.

We would ohh and ahh at images of draft horses all day if we could, and we’ve collected a few of our favorites to show off these amazing horses.

1. This horse’s head and neck alone are bigger than the average person.

2. This coloring is amazing, and look at those feathery fetlocks!

3. Even with all that mass, these huge animals are fast and agile. 

4. This is Splash, one of the most beautiful Gypsy Vanners in the world. 

5. This draft horse is pure muscle. 

6. The size comparison between this Clydesdale and a donkey is amazing. The donkey’s whole head could fit in one of the Clydesdale’s nostrils!

7. No, that’s not a shorter-than-average person standing next to that horse. That’s just an average-sized Clydesdale. 

8. The Ardennes draft horse is not as well known as others, but its incredible bulk makes it one of the most stunning horse breeds in the world.

9. Meet Big Jake! He holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest horse in the world. He stands at an incredible 20hh.

10. Check out the size comparison between this draft horse and an average-sized horse breed. No, it’s not an optical illusion! 

11. The roan coloring on this Ardennes draft horse is breathtaking! 

12. While draft horses typically have calm personalities great for riding, it still takes a good bit of courage to climb up into that high seat!


13. Even this Belgian draft horse foal is rippling with muscle and bulk. 

14. Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri is home to the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, and you can even visit to meet them in person!

15. Last but far from least, this draft horse stands 6 foot at the withers and towers over his tall family.

Do you have any amazing draft horses in your life? Let us know in the comments!

Incredible Photos Of Draft Horses

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