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Foal Is Born With Unique Horse-Shaped Marking

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Five years ago, a very special foal was born. His arrival was quite surprising to owner, Wendy Bulmer. Not only did she not realize that the mare she purchased was in foal, when the little fella arrived, he had the most distinctive markings she’d ever seen. Aside from a cute white heart by his rump, DaVinci – Vinny for short – has an uncannily accurate silhouette of a horse extending up from his left shoulder, along his back, and into his mane!

Image Credit: Imgur/BrookerHewitt

DaVinci was born at the Fyling Hall School close to Robin Hood’s Bay in the UK. The gorgeous campus is like something out of a Harry Potter novel, with sculpted topiaries, rolling hills, ivy-covered walls, and pony-grazed fields. Even the Georgian stone manor house and burgundy school uniforms would be right at home at Hogwart’s!

Image Credit: Imgur/BrookerHewitt

Bulmer “wasn’t very happy” to have another unexpected mouth to feed when Vinny was first born, but the sweet foal soon won her over.

“He is so friendly and the kids love him,” she told the Whitby Gazette.

The simple write-up by the Whitby Gazette led Vinny to become an international celebri-horse when his photos went viral. People just could not get enough of the special little foal and his incredible markings!

Nowadays, Vinny’s 15-minutes of super-stardom have passed, but he is still a beloved favorite of the students and staff at the Fyling Hall School. He has beautiful pastures, loving humans and plenty to eat – and that’s all any horse really wants – even if they are famous!

Want to see more of this incredible foal? Check out the video below: 

H/T to the Whitby Gazette

Featured Image via Imgur/BrookerHewitt

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