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Little Girl With Brain Cancer Is Surprised By A Horse Dressed As A Unicorn

by Amber King

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Naomi Short is only eight years old, but she has big dreams. She was recently diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, but that devastating news seems to have only fueled her love for life’s adventures. She has a long list of things she wants to do and goals she wants to accomplish. Meeting a real-life unicorn was at the top of that list, and a special horse helped make that happen. 

To make this dream come true, Naomi’s parents arranged a meeting with a beautiful white horse. The horse donned a sparkly horn, a flowery wreath, and its hooves even sparkled with every step. The meeting was originally planned to happen at Naomi’s home, but inclement weather forced them to move inside. Hamilton Division of Fire Station 26 graciously agreed to host the surprise and make it all possible.

When Naomi was led into the fire station, she had no idea what was about to happen. She held her mother’s hand and wore a unicorn-themed blindfold over her eyes. After a quick countdown, the little girl finally took off her blindfold.

Watch the video of Naomi seeing her real-life unicorn!

Naomi’s reaction to seeing a real-life unicorn was instantaneous. She squealed in surprise and danced a little dance. She was allowed to pet the horse and was thrilled to be that close to something she had only dreamed about seeing. After their initial introduction, Naomi climbed into the saddle and rode the horse around the fire station’s bay. Her family and friends were thrilled to see her so happy, and it turned into a moment Naomi will never forget.

Naomi said riding a unicorn was on her bucket list, and now that she’s crossed that off, she has more dreams to chase. She wants to go to Disney World and have her picture taken in front of the Hollywood sign in California. Her family is determined to help her cross off as many goals as she can.

Naomi faces a 30% chance at survival and has already undergone 30 rounds of radiation and four surgeries. She starts chemotherapy soon, and her loved ones are happy to give her this one magical moment to keep her spirits high.

h/t: WSB-TV

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