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Four Important Ways Horses Positively Impact Our Mental Health

by ihearthorses

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We all know that horses are good for our soul, but did you know that they are also good for our mental health? It is becoming more and more popular for horses to be used in therapy. Keep reading to find out how horses can benefit our mental health. 

You can’t hide your emotions from a horse

Horses are super sensitive to our emotions. They respond to cues and tend to mirror how we feel. Have you ever had a bad day and took it to the barn with you? Or have you lost patience with a green horse? If you have, it probably didn’t end well, in fact, it probably made the situation worse. You can’t hide your emotions from a horse; their response is a reflection of your emotions. This can give us a sense of self-awareness if we listen to it. Once we do, our bad day may do a 180 instantly.

Your horse loves you, no matter what.

We all talk to our horses. They know our deepest darkest secrets that we wouldn’t dare tell a human soul. They know our stresses, our happy moments, and why we cry. Why do we do this? Obviously, they won’t tell a soul (besides maybe the gelding next door), but they still love us. They do not judge us and we trust them. Horses become our safe place.

horses mental health benefits Smiling western style woman horse riding in countryside.

Horses can help with anxiety

So many people have anxiety; it actually affects around 17 million Americans. Whether it is in the form of a phobia or a panic disorder, horses can help. How? When we are with our horses, we are 110% present at all times, we have to be. If our mind is somewhere else on the back of a colt, things could go south very quickly. They’re on average 1200 lbs, and realistically, they could do real damage to us if they wanted to. When we are present like we are with our horses, all our anxiety about tomorrow’s big calculus test or meeting with the boss disintegrates.

Horses can help with PTSD

PTSD is post-traumatic stress disorder; we hear about it from soldiers who return to war. It can also affect people that have experienced trauma in their life that haunts them. PTSD usually consists of a combination of anxiety, flashbacks and feeling numb to emotion. It’s a serious disorder, but there is a treatment that incorporates horses. Horses build confidence; when we are able to train them to master a new skill, or they perform well, it makes us feel good about ourselves and makes us proud. We are trusting them every time they take a step, and for people with PTSD, this is life-changing when they make a connection with a horse. Therapeutic horseback riding is becoming very popular for people suffering from PTSD because it works, there is even research behind it found on the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

horses mental health benefits Woman on Iceland smiling with Icelandic horses. Portrait of happy multicultural girl wearing Icelandic sweater standing outdoors in nature field in front of horse.

Interacting with horses can be a great way to help ease mental health issues, but you don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental disorder to experience the mental health benefits of horses. Horses help us stay present and make us feel good about ourselves. How does your horse keep you thinking in a positive direction?

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