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Rescue Pony Meets His Floral Doppelgänger And Can’t Stop Smiling

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World Horse Welfare is a UK-based, International charity devoted to improving the lives of horses around the world through rescue, community education and improving legislation.

On May 3, in honor of its 90th anniversary, the charity unveiled a life-size horse sculpture created from nearly 3,000 white carnations at the Royal Chelsea Hospital in London.

Image Credit: David Parry/PA Wire


The incredible sculpture, created by florist Judith Blacklock, is a replica of one of World Horse Welfare’s many success stories – a white pony named Nutkin. He was discovered as part of a large group of horses and ponies who had suffered neglect at the hands of their owner.

Nutkin was just a few months old at the time of his rescue. He was underweight and suffering from a lice infestation when he came into the care of World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Image Credit: David Parry/PA Wire


Thanks to the love and care he received there, Nutkin was soon ready to find his forever home. He now lives a wonderful life with owner, Leah Fowler and her four year-old daughter Darcy who rides him regularly.

Adorable little Darcy was there to present the sculpture to Nutkin and help celebrate the charity’s 90th anniversary. When faced with his floral doppelgänger, Nutkin just could not stop smiling! He happily gave his “(hoof) stamp of approval”!

Image Credit: David Parry/PA Wire


The sculpture will now travel to World Horse Welfare’s Norfolk head office to be featured in its upcoming campaign to stop the long-distance transport of horses across Europe for slaughter. Chief Executive, Roly Owers explained the significance of Nutkin’s sculpture in a press release:

“This stunning floral sculpture is a symbol of hope and compassion for invisible horses everywhere. We are committed to keeping horse welfare on the political agenda. Horses may well be less ‘visible’ now than in our history, but their importance is certainly no less relevant,” he said in part.

Image Credit: David Parry/PA Wire


“Our latest figures show there are an estimated 3,400+ vulnerable horses at risk in Britain today, and so whilst we celebrate the charity’s achievements of the last 90 years, we remain fully committed to our vision of a world where every horse is treated with the respect, compassion and understanding that they deserve over decades to come.”

World Horse Welfare relies on donations to continue their important mission. Click here to make a contribution and help improve the lives of horses all over the world. To learn more about the extraordinary ways they are making a difference, visit their website.

All Images via David Parry/PA Wire

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