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8 Ways Your Horse Says “I Love You”

by ihearthorses

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Anyone who owns a horse understands that this bond can’t be broken. There is just something special about winning the love and trust of such a noble creature that can fulfill you in ways you never thought possible. And while those who have never experienced it may claim horses do not show affection, we know better that that. Here are 8 ways horses show their love for us.

Smiling cute young woman cowgirl taking care and hugging her horse

#1 – Whinnying when they see you.

Does your horse whinny when they see you?  It is important to note that there is a difference between a whinny  and a neigh. A whinny is a gentle neigh, but if the sound is not so gentle it may be a cry for help. In this case, try to figure out what is troubling your horse and reach out to a vet if you are unsure of the cause. 

a horse whinnying in front of a wall

#2 – Nuzzling you as if to say, “I’m here for you.”

When a horse nuzzles you, you know that you have won their heart. Some people might feel uncomfortable when a horse puts their nose on their shoulder, breathes on them, or licks them, but these are often signs of affection and nothing to be scared or worried about. 

Two bay horses nuzzling each other

#3 – Horse hugs.

Horses aren’t just for humans to show one another affection. Did you know that horses hug too? Just make sure that you’re on the horse’s good side before hugging them, and remember that if they start licking you or breathing on you it is often because they appreciate your company. 

Portrait of smiling woman hugging beautiful bay horse against blue sky

#4 – Resting their head on your chest as if to say, “I’m glad you’re here.”

This is one of our favorite signs that a horse loves you. If a horse rests their head on your chest, this typically means that they are comfortable around you and appreciate your company. 

A happy senior man standing close to a horse in a stable, holding it.

#5 –  Kisses.

Just like giving hugs, horses can give kisses too. Again, there’s no need to feel uncomfortable when your equine friend starts kissing, licking, or breathing on you. These are all often signs of affection and they could mean that you have mastered the heart of your horse. 

A young girl dressed as an Indian kisses horse

#6 – Trusting you to get them across obstacles.

There are times when you are horseback riding when you and your equine buddy will reach an obstacle, whether it is a stream or some other sort of barrier. Horses can get nervous in these situations. If your horse is getting nervous, try out these 7 ways to calm a nervous horse. When your horse truly trusts you, they can overcome their fear of obstacles with a little encouragement. If your horse trusts you to overcome certain obstacles, you have likely won their heart. 

Woman horseback riding on water

#7 – Running to you when you call their name.

Does your horse run to you when you call their name? If so, this can mean that they have affection for you. 

Horse Running Wild at the Ranch

#8 – Watching at the gate as you leave – they’ll always be there, waiting for you!

It’s always so sweet when horses watch you leave. This usually means that they don’t want you to go and that they will miss you. Sure, it can be heartbreaking to leave a horse for the day, but just know that they’ll be there for you when you return. 

Horse standing at fence at edge of pasture

How does your horse show you he loves you? Share with us in the comments section!


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